Nucleosome core particle high quality visualization

This scrips had been made for video rendering of a molecular system.

Required software: VMD, Tachyon, FFMPEG. Linux OS.
Required files: structure file 1KX5.pdb, you can obtain it from PDB.

In the attached archive you will find a couple of scripts.

contains movements and representations of molecule. It requires aa_hydro_scale.tcl add_text_layer.tcl colorbar.tcl and input_param.tcl. This additional scripts provide some procedures and parameters. You may change resolution in the input_param.tcl to any resolution with 4:3 ratio. For details read comments in script.

run_vmd.tcl creates folders for files, runs VMD without GUI and proceeds movie.tcl. It will create a lot of large files in dat/ folder. (around 200 GB)
After that you can use these .dat files for rendering with Tachyon.

For PBS Torque:
run_aorender.tcl starts rendering on user defined number of nodes (using 8 cores).
Than you can use make_aomovie.tcl script to create .mov and .vmw videos.

The work was supported by RFBR grant 12-04-31942.

nucleosome_video_scripts.tar28.5 KB